A healthy alternative to reduce your kid’s screen time

Screen time for kids has been the biggest concern for parents in recent times, particularly after this pandemic. Lack of socialization opportunities, worldwide lockdowns and online learning has increased the reliance on screens.

Why is excessive screen time unhealthy for your kids?

Research has shown that excessive screen time has led to issues in the brain development of young children such as,

  • Poor attention span thus disrupting the academic performance
  • Lack of communication and socialization skills(verbal ability)
  • Sleep problems
  • Addiction to screen
  • Poor (or) excessive appetite etc.,

Additionally, too much screen time is related to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and behavioral challenges.

Hence, steering kids towards screen-free healthy alternatives are gaining importance these days. The main benefit of using educational toys and products is that they engage kids as well as provide abundant learning opportunities through play.

How can we help you to find a screen-free alternative for your kids?

At Curiouskidzz, we have a wide range of award-winning products that are based on STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ) concepts. These educational toys stimulate your kids intellectually and offer a sensory-rich experience for those young minds.

Benefits of STEM-based educational toys

  • Improves cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning abilities.
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and creative thinking
  • Develops curiosity to experiment and academic learning.

Children learn more through hands-on practical based learning activities. Our products are carefully curated and categorized to suit your child’s developmental needs. Check out the below links to shop for unique and extensive collection of STEM-based educational toys.

Ages 0-3: https://curiouskidzz.com.au/product-category/age-0-3/

Ages 3-5: https://curiouskidzz.com.au/product-category/age-3/

Ages 6-9: https://curiouskidzz.com.au/product-category/age-8/

Ages 10+:https://curiouskidzz.com.au/product-category/age-10/




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