About Curiouskidzz

We at Curiouskidzz are an Australian owned company that is dedicated to selling Educational STEM projects/kits/toys ONLINE and click and collect from Harris Park store.

We are dedicated to sourcing the best educational toys for children from 3 to 15 Years of age. Our educational toys have a high potential for mental development.

Our main aim is to provide the best educational toys to Australian Kids. We sell Science projects, Puzzles and Brainy games, Robotics and Coding kits, Space toys, Electronics toys, etc. All our toys comply with Australian standards and are from established brands across the world.

Our motive is to provide a reliable and trustworthy place for parents, teachers, childcare centres, friends and family members to buy or gift Educational Kits/Toys/Projects for birthdays or motivate children for their achievements.

Meet the Founder of Curiouskidzz

Mr. Prakash is the founder of Curiouskidzz.

Curiouskidzz was founded in 2019 to create more awareness for Aussie Kids about STEM education and its importance in the present era. Initially, Curiouskidzz was offering a variety of Lego Robotics and Coding programs where kids can build, code, and run Robots. During that time, we come across many kids who were really smart with technology and showed more interest to explore and learn more about STEM education.

During Covid times, the program was discontinued, and the idea of STEM educational Projects/Kits/Toys was discovered, this is where kids learn Robotics, Coding, Electronics, and/or Science experiments using a variety of readymade hands-on projects/kits/toys to explore more about STEM education.

Our mission is to reach each and every Australian kid and impact their lives by learning using STEM educational projects/kits/toys.