3D Drawing Board


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3D Drawing Board


Unleash your child’s creativity and artistic flair with the Craft For Kids 3D Magic Drawing Board. This amazing and enjoyable tool provides an immersive experience where children can bring their drawings to life in stunning 3D!

Drawing is a beloved activity for kids, and the Craft For Kids 3D Magic Drawing Board takes their artistic journey to new heights. With just three simple steps, children can transform their imagination into reality. Equipped with special markers and 3D glasses, they can create astonishing drawings that seemingly leap off the page. Whether it’s a fearsome dinosaur in mid-air or a graceful ballerina performing on a virtual stage, the possibilities are endless, limited only by their imagination!

Using the Craft For Kids 3D Magic Drawing Board is a breeze. Kids insert a sheet of paper into the drawing board, let their creativity flow, remove the paper, and put on the 3D glasses to witness their masterpiece come alive. To ignite their inspiration, the drawing board comes with six templates to get them started, two dinosaur templates, two under-the-sea templates, and two space templates providing a stepping stone into the world of 3D drawing.

Key Features

More affordable compared to similar drawing boards, making it accessible to a wider audience.
Four special markers are included, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching creations.
Compatible with any standard paper, making it convenient and cost-effective.
The 3D glasses enhance the visual impact of their drawings, giving them a mesmerizing depth.
Encourages children to embrace and nurture their creative side.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, the Craft For Kids 3D Magic Drawing Board is an ideal tool to ignite your child’s artistic talents and foster their imaginative growth. Spark their creativity and watch their drawings come alive in awe-inspiring 3D!


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