Academy of Steam – Inertia & Energy Conversion


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Academy of Steam – Inertia & Energy Conversion

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Inertia & Energy Conversion Science Kit

Kids learn how inertia works and how it impacts our everyday lives by exploring the mechanics behind one of the 20th century’s most important inventions: the seatbelt.

When they’re done experimenting, kids can take off their hard hats and pick up their coloured pencils and decorate their very own snap-on skins.

Plus, young learners will get an 18-page colour booklet with:
  • a micro-history of Newton’s laws and the theory behind them
  • fun STEM experiments with their very own crash test rig
  • a quiz to test their understanding of key STEM concepts
  • easy-to-follow building instructions
  • printable skins to practice their design skills

Need some inspiration? Use our interactive 3D building app on your desktop and build in virtual reality!

Engino STEAM toys are complete STEAM learning tools designed to prepare young learners for a lifetime of scientific discovery.





Academy of Steam – Inertia & Energy Conversion