Biolux Student Microscope- Blue


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Biolux Student Microscope- Blue

BRESSER Junior student microscope BIOLUX  (Blue)


The BRESSER JUNIOR student microscope, with its wide range of accessories, offers an ideal introduction to microscopy. A unique feature of these models is the Barlow zoom system in the eyepiece socket: With a pull-out additional lens, the magnification for visual observation can be continuously changed up to 2x, so that together with 3 lenses and 2 interchangeable wide-field eyepieces, magnifications from 40x to 40x can be achieved achieve 1600x.

The BRESSER JUNIOR student microscope has an adjustable LED for transmitted and reflected light including a filter disc with color filters and screens. In this way, the lighting can always be optimally adjusted. Due to the additional reflected light, objects that are not transparent, such as leaves, small insects and much more, can also be examined under the microscope. This makes getting started with microscopy particularly easy!

The power is supplied by batteries (three type AA) so that microscopy can also be carried out without a power outlet nearby. The accessories already include permanent preparations and 5 empty slides and cover slips are included for making your own preparations. The set also includes a dissecting set consisting of a MicroCut, a knife, tweezers, a rod and a tube.

The smartphone adapter allows you to save the recordings on your smartphone or share them with friends and family!
There are so many exciting things to discover in the microcosm, start now with your BRESSER student microscope!
Available in the following colors: Red; Green; Blue; Purple


  • Bright LED illumination for reflected and
    transmitted light observation.
  • Magnification: 40x-1600x
  • 2 wide-field eyepieces: (WF-10x and
  • Objectives (4x, 10x, 40x)
  • Barlow lens 2x
  • Incl. Robust plastic transport case,
    Smartphone holder, 2 wide-angle lenses,
    WF20x / WF10x, 6-colour filter wheel,
    box with slide specimens, storage
    container, experimental kit, dissection set,
    dust cover and 3x AA batteries.



Biolux Student Microscope- Blue

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