Create A Castle – Basic Kit


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Create A Castle – Basic Kit

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Make pristine sand castles with this easy-to-use system!

There’s no risky bucket flipping. There’s no carefully lifting only to find half the sand is still in the bucket. In fact, there’s no frustration at all.

With this genius castle-building system, kids simply latch the two half-cylinder pieces together using the sturdy buckles, pack the whole thing with wet sand, and then unlatch and separate to reveal a beautiful tower!

Build a strong base using the 10-inch tower mold. Boost your castles defenses with the stabilizing Corbel mold – It also adds an astonishing flare of intensity. Then, send your castle soaring skyward with the 6-inch tower mold.

You’ll soon be the proud architect of a castle worthy of King Arthur himself! – But the towers are only the start.

Use the small block mold to add realistic battlements around every edge (perfect for protecting pretend archers), and then bring the whole thing to life with the clever window cutter.

There’s even a multipurpose tool for smoothing, carving, and perfecting!

Become a true sand castle master with the Create A Castle Basic Kit.

Create A Castle Basic Kit

  • Modular split-mold sand castle system for building the ultimate, perfect sand castle
  • Encourages motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, imaginative play
  • Also works great in the snow!
  • 2-piece tower molds latch together – Pack them with sand, unlatch to reveal a perfect tower
  • No risky bucket flipping!
  • Features molds for 10-inch tower, stabilizing corbel, and 6-inch tower
  • Features special molds for creating battlement bricks and carving out perfect windows
  • Includes 10 inch tower cylinder, 6 inch tower cylinder, corbel mold, battlement brick form, window cutter, multipurpose tool, mesh back pack
  • Exceptionally strong, high quality materials – Lasting durabilityNote: Adult assistance may be necessary for ages 3 to 6. Results may vary depending on the sand quality of the beach. Sand consistency tip: as long as you can mold the sand into a ball and roll it around in your hand, you’re in good shape.


Create A Castle

Create A Castle – Basic Kit