GraviTrax Pro Extension Set Element Turntable


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GraviTrax Pro Extension Set Element Turntable


The GraviTrax PRO Element Turntable uses a mechanical turntable to rotate the passing balls.

More control over the ball’s paths! With the PRO turntable, passing balls cause a mechanical turntable to rotate. As a ball rolls downward through the stone, it changes its direction and at the same time reverses the turntable. This allows for more variation in the trajectory as well as control over the paths of the ball. Combined with any GraviTrax starter set, the GraviTrax PRO Element Turntable brings even more variety and ball fun into the GraviTrax universe.

GraviTrax is a flexibly expandable, interactive marble run system for children aged 8 and over: With GraviTrax, children, teenagers and adults don’t just build simple marble runs. They create unique marble-run worlds. By freely designing the ball tracks and researching the rolling behavior of the balls, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced up close. The GraviTrax universe includes three exciting lines – CORE, PRO and POWER. All GraviTrax lines and products can be freely combined with each other. The GraviTrax universe can be expanded infinitely through countless expansions with classic building elements or stones that enable special action and tricks. This means everyone can tinker, try things out and push themselves further.



GraviTrax Pro Extension Set Element Turntable