Leonardo Da Vinci Tank Wooden Kit


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Leonardo Da Vinci Tank Wooden Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci Tank Wooden Kit


The Da Vinci Tank was a Marvel of Renaissance Ingenuity

Leonardo da Vinci, the revered Italian polymath and artist, conceived an extraordinary machine known as the da Vinci Tank. Designed under the patronage of Ludovico Sforza in 1487, this armored vehicle was unlike anything seen before. Let’s delve into the fascinating details of this remarkable invention:

Unique Design: Leonardo’s tank featured a conical cover inspired by a turtle’s shell. The covering was to be crafted from wood and reinforced with metal plates. Slanting angles were strategically employed to deflect enemy fire, akin to modern sloped armour1.
Propulsion and Armament: The tank’s drive train consisted of two large cranks operated internally by four strong men. Its exterior was equipped with an array of light cannons, strategically placed around the perimeter. Imagine this formidable machine rolling onto the battlefield, ready for action!

Deliberate Design Flaw: Curiously, the gears within Leonardo’s design were arranged in reverse order, rendering the vehicle unworkable. Some speculate that this was an intentional mistake by Leonardo.

A form of security in case his plans fell into enemy hands. However, rectifying this flaw without compromising forward movement and strength proved nearly impossible. Regardless, the tank’s sheer size and weight would have hindered its mobility on rugged terrain1.
Intimidation Factor: Rather than a practical military weapon, the da Vinci Tank was designed to intimidate adversaries. Its impressive appearance alone would have sent a powerful message. Imagine the awe it might have inspired on the battlefield!

Recreating History: In recent years, a group of engineers recreated Leonardo’s tank based on the original design. They corrected the gearing issue, breathing life into this centuries-old concept. So, if you’re up for some Renaissance-inspired fun, gather your tools, put on your favorite period music, and embark on the adventure of building one of Leonardo’s iconic machines!



Leonardo Da Vinci Tank Wooden Kit