Mechanics Lab: SumoBot


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Mechanics Lab: SumoBot

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This original science kit is a real laboratory you can use to build a really special sumo robot which never falls off the edge! A set for children to build a sumo robot. Working with the set allows you to take the first steps in building your own robots. Playing with Clementoni sets is a great way to stimulate new passions and interests among children. The sumobot controls the surface it moves on, so that the robot does not fall down when it reaches the end.

When placed on a table, this advanced robot moves and recognizes open spaces underneath it.

It stops and changes direction as soon as its rubber wheel detects that the surface underneath it is no longer there!

The upper part of the Sumo Bot’s body is transparent so you can see all of its internal gears and teach children about the mechanisms that allow the robot to move around.

Instruction included

The robot works with 2 x AA batteries, not included in the kit.

Recommended Age : 8+



Mechanics Lab:  SumoBot