My First Circus Science Show


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My First Circus Science Show

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Tree Toys Wild Science Fun STEM Activities

Learn About: Gravity and Balance, Friction, Levers, Hand-Eye Co-Ordination.

Make: Tricky Lion and Acrobats, Climbing Monkey, Balancing Elephant, Acrobat on a Trapeze, Juggling Act, Unicycle on a Tightrope.

Roll Up!  Roll Up!

Wow the crowd with your very own circus show using science to do amazing tricks.

Balance an elephant on a ball and train a monkey to climb a string.

Trick the eyes of your audience to put a lion in a cage.

Make an incredible unicycle that rides on a tightrope and a death-defying acrobat that flips on a trapeze.

And for your big finale, juggle three balls in the air.

Contents: Cardboard Cut-Outs, Plasticine, Plastic Ball, Stickers, Wooden Sticks, Pop Stick, String, Clear Plastic Tube, White Plastic Tube (Axle), Wheel Parts, Axle Holder, Card Holders, Wire, Weight Holders, Foam Rings, 6 x Balloons, Sand, Bead, Paper Fasteners, Plastic Bags, Instruction Booklet.

Suitable for Children 6+




Wild Science

My First Circus Science Show