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Science Wiz – Moon

Science Wiz – Moon


Explore the Moon! Discover what we currently think we know about the Moon. Get ready for surprises as scientists, robots, and astronauts explore further!

Shine a light on the phases of the Moon Explore the mysteries of the far side not visible from Earth Layer and cut open a model of the Moon’s interior Learn what impact craters tell us and what unknowns await further exploration Get ready to go back to the moon July 20, 2019, marked the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon, one of the great milestones in human history. What better year to release a project book and kit about our Moon?

With four major projects to build, this kit from the award-winning ScienceWiz is sure to inspire all budding inventors!

ScienceWiz Moon : Explore the space with Moon Kit! This kit includes hours of exploration where you can model and chart the phases of the moon, discover that moonlight is actually sunlight, impact your own craters, and so much more. With all you need inside, including a book, you can get up close and personal with the moon!


Kit Contains:

1 – Freeze-Dried Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich (1 Ounce)

4 – Bags Of Modeling Material (6 Ounces Total)

8 – Stickers Of The Phases Of The Moon

1 – Basalt Rock

1 – Moon Chart

1 – Crater Egg

2 – Moon Posters

1 – 52 Page Book.

Moon includes hours of exploration: Model and charts the phases of the Moon.

Discover that moonlight is actually sunlight.

Learn five things you never knew about Moondust.

Impact your own craters – learn what impact craters tell us and what unknowns await further explanations.

Model the layers of the Moon interior.

Eclipse a ball with a coin to understand solar and lunar eclipses – replicate the happy coincidence that gives earthlings total solar eclipses

Explore the far side of the Moon not visible from Earth

Relate tides to phases of the Moon

Discover the Moon’s origin

Get ready to go back to the Moon!

Eat astronaut food!



Science Wiz – Moon

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