How can you engage your toddler in a Zingo Game?

How can you engage your toddler in a Zingo Game?


ThinkFun – Zingo! Sight Words

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Children need to have a chance to familiarize themselves with the various game components before cooperative and competitive play begins. We’ve found that the Zingo! It is so much fun to play that just recognizing and reading sight words can be a game all on its own! Young kids love the sliding motion required to make the Zingo work, and they marvel at how to use sight words magically produced. Understanding the function of the game is a true learning experience for little ones! Please encourage your child to read the images on the cards and practice matching them to a card. Once they understand the different elements of the game, your child will be ready for the fun play to come!

Build Concentration Ability: Encouraging kids to study their ZlNGO! Before the game starts, cards help them focus on the particular images they need to match. At the beginning of a round, ask the kids to name the cards they are looking for. Stop midway through the game to ask which cards are still left uncovered. Frequently reminding kids to pay attention to these details will allow them to think about the goal and concentrate on the task.

  1. Gaining Competitive Edge

Zingo can be used to practice for a competition! Remind your kid to pay attention not only to the images on their cards but to be aware of what cards other players need to fill their cards. If kids are attuned to the images they have in common with others, they will likely be faster when calling for cards. In this game, it can pay to be fast, particularly on the more competitive side!

  1. Encourage Early Readers

The Zingo cards have been designed to show known images along with words to help young kids begin to make associations between the two. To reinforce the image and text connection, Slide the ZINGO! Zingo slowly stops once the word at the base of the card is revealed, but not the image. Please encourage your child to match the word to the correct image on their card!

  1. Support Word Play

Your kid’s language skills are developing quickly, and playing ZINGO! is an amazing opportunity to help them increase their vocabulary. Encourage your kid to practice new vocabulary by making a silly sentence with an unknown word. Use the printed card to point out spelling patterns and letter sounds. Exploring ZINGO! Words as part of gameplay can help growing readers learn short and long vowel sounds and understand how letters combine to show various sounds.

  1. Practice Sportsmanship

Young kids are just beginning to move away and become comfortable playing competitive games. Learning to wait for their turn, have patience and celebrate the success of others takes practice. ZINGO! It helps them experience these highs and lows in a safe, fun environment. Talk to your kid about how it feels to win and lose, as well as encourage them to consider the feelings of others when playing.

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