Sphero Mini Activity Kit

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Coding and Computer Programming

Coding and computers are the future of this world. So, we at Curiouskidzz believe that each and every child has to be educated in the necessary knowledge.

With this in mind, we have a large range of toys designed to broaden your knowledge relating to coding and computer programming.

On our website, you’ll find kits for children of all ages, with different games and robots that helped to develop your knowledge.

Some of best toys that you will find on our website include:

– Johnco 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot
– Australian Geographic, My First Coding and Computer Science kit
– Sphero Mini
– Xtereme Bots – Mazzy
– Stanley

At Curiouskidzz, you’ll find coding and computer programming kits for children of all ages, you’ll find kits, where you program the robots using push buttons and somewhere you use the app to control your robot, this is done with the Sphero.

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