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Need something to test your brain? Well, at Curiouskidzz you can find many different types of brainteasers that have you spending hours solving them.

Time will fly with these award-winning puzzles and games.

Brainteasers are great not just because they are fun and enjoyable but also because they have scientifically proven to enhance someone’s cognitive thinking, concentration, spatial awareness, memory and focus.

Some of best toys that Curiouskidzz has to offer include:

– Crystal Puzzles
– SciShow Brain Teasers
– Rush Hour
– Metal Puzzles
– Smart Games (IQ Fit, IQ Focus, IQ Stars and many more.)
– Magnetic Puzzles
– The Einstein Collection Puzzles

Curiouskidzz has brainy games and puzzles for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, perfect for boring, rainy days. You’ll find games that you wish you didn’t have put down, and puzzles that will have a brain is a rollercoaster.

Browse and buy at Curiouskidzz today.