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Brainy Games And Puzzles – Brain Game Toys for Children

Is it bad weather outside? Are your kids feeling bored? It is the best time to play brain-teasing games with your children. Keep your children busy and sharpen their brains with brain game toys for children. We have a big collection of different types of brainy games and puzzles.

As your kids grow, they can undergo faster physical development with regular workouts. Then, why shouldn’t you focus on their mental development? Buy brain games online from our store. These gaming kits can be the perfect birthday gift for your little ones. With brain workouts, your children will become more intelligent.

Boost your children’s IT with our smart toys
Our intelligence-boosting games will surely benefit kids of any age. Still, you can shop for brain game toys for children based on their age. While board games develop preschool math skills, games with blocks nurture the cognitive skills of your little learners. However, as a parent, you like to have an overall development of your kids. So, buy a range of gaming kits from our site. We have brought you the most innovative models in the kids’ gaming world. These games will accelerate the learning process and stimulate the brain growth of your children. Encourage your kids to make the best use of their spare time by playing these games.

Buy different types of puzzle games
Our brain game toys for children include the best kits for puzzle game lovers.

  • Knobbed puzzles are best for young toddlers, and they comprise 3 to 8 pieces. Your kids need to fit those pieces into the wooden board. The big knob of the puzzle piece is easy to hold. These puzzle kits include geometric shapes and images of fruits and vehicles.
  • Chunky puzzles comprise bulky pieces not connected to each other. Young kids can use their holds to pick up the pieces and move them properly. It makes their hand muscles stronger.
  • Pegged puzzles are slightly challenging, and you can buy them for preschoolers. They include 8 to 26 pieces of alphabet and numbers. You can buy them for faster language development for your kids.
  • Beginner-level frame puzzles have interlocking pieces, and the theme may be related to animals and vehicles.
  • Floor puzzles let your kids play the game on the floor. The classic puzzles include more than 100 pieces and promote the problem-solving ability of your kids.
  • 3D puzzles – It takes a lot of time to solve these 3D puzzles, and you can buy these kits for children at least 7 years of age.

Why do you buy brain games online?

We encourage parents to buy brain-teasing and puzzle games. Your kids will learn lots of things through their puzzle play.

  • Spatial vocabulary – Puzzle games that engage children in building words will increase their vocabulary.
  • Sequencing – Some puzzles let your kids arrange and re-arrange pieces maintaining a proper sequence. Little gamers will learn more about words and ordinal numbers.
  • Hand-eye coordination – Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development – To develop fine motor skills and promote hand-eye coordination, you can purchase puzzle games from our store. The little ones will learn the way to maintain precision while dealing with puzzle games.
  • Persistence – Kids feel frustrated when they are not able to solve puzzles. However, when they ultimately do the task, they feel joy. Our puzzles will enable them to develop persistence, which is highly important for every human.

Do you now like to buy brain game toys for kids? You can buy theme-based puzzle games from our site. From Harry Potter puzzles to retro chess games, every option is available for your kids. You can place your order and get them delivered.

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