Hexbug Micro Ant – Micro Robotics (Random Colour)

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Are you an animal lover? Then our animal collection is the perfect place for you.

We have a range of animal related products, from puzzles to remote control toys perfect for boring rainy days. Our animal toys are for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults, you’ll find toys for everyone in the family.

Some of our best seller include:

– Our range of National Geographic Animals kits, (including Sharks, ants, snakes, frogs and many others)
– Our range of wooden animal puzzles (including owl, elephant, lion, eagle and many others)
– Our range of remote controller HEXbug animals (including a scorpion, ant, spider, etc.)

All these products are award winning, and the best toys that an animal lover can buy, perfect for everyone in the family.

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