How can you introduce human anatomy to your child with toys

At Curiouskidzz, we have toys to introduce your children to the human anatomy

  1. Human Anatomy Model – 27 cm – 8 Pieces

How well do you know the human body and internal organs that keep us alive? Our 27cm Human Anatomy Model is hand-painted in vivid and natural colours and features eight dissectable parts. The torso or body stands firmly on an ABS Base and includes a fully illustrated colour instruction manual. While piecing the model, you will learn what kind of bones make up a skeleton, how food gets digested, the organs and much more. This set is recommended for children six years and more.

  1. 4M Kidzlabs – Human Skeleton

This toy Includes magic X-ray films that let you see through the human body, an exceptional product to stimulate mental development and focus on STEAM principles and Ignite kids’ imaginations. Build a complete human skeleton set, complete as glow magnets. Children will learn how the skeleton supports the human body. Includes “magic” x-ray films that let you see through the human body.


  1. Heebie Jeebies | Stethoscope | Home and Medical

Affordable Stethoscope for home or medical use. Includes rubber tip earpieces for comfort. Diaphragms and tubing are for maximum sound pick-up. Perfect for costume parties, pretend play activities by children (for little doctors and nurses) or as a medical aid around the home. Suitable for ages three or more years.

  1. Galt Body Lab

A young science kit encourages the child to STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun, listening to a heartbeat, measuring the air in your lungs and analyzing fingerprints. This includes a 32-page Lab book with 14 fun experiments.

It includes Stethoscope, Petri dishes, gloves, tape measure, syringe, gelatin, ink pad, ID sheets, magnifying glass, bone & organ stickers, skeleton & organ card, digestion poster and more.

Listen to a heartbeat, measure the air in your lungs, and test muscle memory. Discover the strength of hair, and analyze fingerprints and harmful bacteria on your skin! Includes 14 fun experiments. It Contains a Stethoscope, Petri dishes, gloves, swabs, feathers, tape measure, syringe, vegetarian gelatin, tubing, straw, fingerprint ink pad, ID sheets, magnifying glass, wooden sticks, rubber bands, zip lock bags, reusable bone & organ stickers, skeleton card, organ card, printed card pieces, digestive system poster, notepad and 32-page Lab book.


Organizing a solid lesson plan for kids relies on three main aspects:

  1. It would help if you found out the children’s current level of understanding. In other words, start the lesson with a small conversation on what kids know or wonder about the human body.
  2. You need a good structure that will be manageable with information and big words.
  3. You need interactive tools that will help children consolidate their knowledge.

Learning about the human body through toys is a great way to learn from Head to Toes about the body. Not only are our precious little ones learning about themselves and others, but toys can provide an ideal introduction to science and social skills.



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