How do Brainy games help to develop intellect?

How do Brainy games help to develop intellect?


The more brain relations you create for emotional & logical responses, the better it becomes. Brain development activities & games to boost your child’s mind help them exercise their capabilities. Therefore, as research says, a child’s brain is ninety percent developed by 5 years of age. Inspiring a child’s cognitive development during this time span impacts all other areas of growth too. It increases a child’s wisdom socially, physically, & intellectually.

Here are 4 Games that help in developing the intellect of a child

Building Blocks

Block games are the best way to boost your child’s cognitive development. A kid that is happily engaged in building a block tower gets exposure to the coordination of hand and eye. Not just this, but it also promotes a problem-solving approach as well as critical thinking, & gross motor skills. Blocks that have specific numbers or have some subject matter written or printed on them influence the learning of important concepts. Also, if your child is playing with their other friends, it helps them to share a common vision. It increases coordination among them.

Solving Puzzles

There are a lot of puzzles available for your child to solve and be brain-powered. Like, such as harry potter puzzles, magic ball puzzles, wizard wheezes puzzles, 4 classic metal puzzles, wooden eagle puzzles, etc. Solving these puzzles plays an important part in early childhood development. It helps in increasing skills related to developing finger strength, attention span, and shape recognition. The movements like picking up the pieces and placing them promote hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Blowing Bubbles

The activity of blowing bubbles for babies helps burn excess energy. This brain development activity provides you to ask your little one about a lot of concepts. For example, shapes, directions, numbers, speed, color, and much more. So, you should definitely boost your child’s development by blowing bubbles. It helps in developing fine motor movement to promote balance and muscle strength. Mostly, all kids adore bubble-blowing. It also helps establish coordination between hand and eye with oral-motor skills. Engaging kids in bubble-blowing is a great way to chase the thrill and catch the pop.

Word Hunt

Children always enjoy word search games. It is also a brain-developing activity and encourages fun learning. It helps your kid to stay focused and boosts their memory. While they learn to spot different words, it also helps them to understand how those words are spelled. Having fun with such word games also helps your kid build the skill of solving problems. It teaches them to search for words when they look through unfamiliar patterns. You can also increase their speed of processing over time. Therefore, word hunt games increase a kid’s processing speed. It helps in the development of the memory for quick responses.

At, you can find a lot of brain games as well as puzzles for your child’s growth of mind. Encouraging your child’s brain power may sound typical at first, but it’s both fun for you and your child. This will become helpful in the coming years for your child. By giving little keen attention to your child’s behavior and actions, you will be able to strengthen their brain development. It helps them explore and engage in extracurricular activities and will power them for visual and logical stimulation.



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