133 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, Cockatoo (A3Series)


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133 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, Cockatoo (A3Series)

133 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, Cockatoo (A3Series)


Get ready for an extraordinary puzzle experience with the incredible 133 Piece Wooden Cockatoo Jigsaw Puzzle! Puzzle Master, the leading name in jigsaw puzzles, has created a masterpiece that will engage and captivate puzzle enthusiasts of all levels.

The first thing that catches your eye about this 133 Piece Wooden Cockatoo Jigsaw Puzzle is the stunning colors that bring the cockatoo to life. The vibrant and lively hues make this puzzle truly captivating. What sets it apart is its unique design-the pieces come together to form the charming and majestic figure of the cockatoo, creating a puzzle that is both visually stunning and creatively innovative. Puzzle enthusiasts will be intrigued by this refreshing twist on traditional puzzle shapes.

Puzzle Master is known for their high-quality puzzles, and this one is no exception. Crafted from sturdy wooden pieces, this puzzle offers a tactile and durable puzzle-solving experience. The wooden construction adds a new level of depth and texture, enhancing the enjoyment of the puzzle. With 133 pieces, this puzzle strikes a perfect balance between challenge and entertainment.

Key Features:

New larger A3 format.
Bigger Pieces: The larger size of the puzzle pieces makes it easier to put together, allowing for a more enjoyable puzzle-solving experience.
Striking Cockatoo Masterpiece: Assemble a captivating cockatoo masterpiece that stands out from the crowd, showcasing the beauty and grace of this remarkable bird.
Crafted from Wooden Pieces: The puzzle is crafted from durable wooden pieces, adding a unique element to the puzzle-solving experience and ensuring longevity.
Vibrant Colors: The vivid colors of the puzzle bring the cockatoo to life, infusing it with energy and charm.
Satisfying Challenge: Despite its moderate piece count, the puzzle offers a satisfying level of challenge, keeping puzzle enthusiasts engaged and entertained.
Perfect Gift: This puzzle makes for the perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts, offering both beauty and entertainment.

Embark on a captivating puzzle adventure with the 133 Piece Wooden Cockatoo Jigsaw Puzzle. Discover the joy of bringing this elegant cockatoo to life while enjoying the challenge it presents. Puzzle enthusiasts will appreciate the unique design, wooden construction, and vibrant colors of this extraordinary puzzle. Experience the excitement of completing a work of art with the Puzzle Master Wooden Cockatoo Jigsaw Puzzle.


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