Genetics and DNA Science kit


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Genetics and DNA Science kit

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Using the Genetics and DNA science kit head into the lab for an in-depth investigation of genetics, the branch of biology focused on heredity and variation in organisms, and DNA, the acid that holds the blueprints for life.

  • See genetic material with your own eyes as you isolate the DNA from a tomato in a test tube. Investigate inheritance and learn how traits are passed down from parents to children.
  • Learn about dominant and recessive genes and play inheritance games to determine how traits will be expressed.
  • Learn about the biology of reproduction, the components of cells, and how chromosomes are combined and copied. Assemble a model to see the elegant double-stranded helical structure of DNA. Then crack the genetic code and find out how the different parts, called nucleotides, fit together. Analyse DNA evidence to identify suspects and solve a crime.
  • Breed your own bacteria colony to experiment with survival of the fittest.
  • Read about how mutation affects genes and how scientists clone plants and animals. Full-colour, 48-page manual.


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Genetics and DNA Science kit