ScienceWiz – Charge Kit


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ScienceWiz – Charge Kit

Charge – Science Wiz
Brainy kids get bored really easily.

Keep your little scientist happy, with ScienceWiz Science Kits! They’re just the kind of brain food inquisitive young minds need to keep ticking…

ScienceWiz is all about learning new things about the world around you…and having tonnes of fun along the way! Kids love these colourful kits, because they’re packed with heaps of activities for your child to try. They might need a little bit of a hand from time to time, but, for the most part, they can follow these fun experiments all by themselves.

Young minds are hungry to learn new things. ScienceWiz is just what your brainy child is craving!

Protons, electrons, electroscopes and Van de Graff generators…yup, we’re talking about static electricity! With the Charge science kit, children can build devices that use static electricity, propel objects electrostatically, stand their hair on end, create electrostatic motors, and more, all with clear step-by-step visual instructions to help them along the way.

Charge Kit features: 

  • Suitable for children aged 12 and up.
  • Designed by Dr Penny Norman from the University of California.
  • Discover fascinating information about static electricity with the included booklet.
  • Kit includes materials for fifteen activities and six electrostatic devices.
  • Clear, illustrated step-by-step instruction manual.
  • Some household items will be required to complete experiments.

Experiments Include:

  • Carriers of Charge.
  • Charge It!
  • Flea Circus.
  • Electrophorus.
  • Shock Effect.
  • Leyden Jar.
  • Ringing A Franklin Bell.
  • Van De Graff Generator.
  • …and more!



ScienceWiz – Charge Kit

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