Smart Lab – Glow In The Dark Lab


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Smart Lab – Glow In The Dark Lab

Smart Lab – Glow In The Dark Lab


Introducing the Glow Lab, our best-selling and award-winning chemistry set that brings the excitement of chemistry to life! With 20 mesmerizing experiments, children can explore the world of glowing, oozing, and bouncing creations while building their lab skills.

Key Features:

Hands-On Experiments: Engage in 20 captivating experiments that allow children to create glow-in-the-dark concoctions, explore luminescence, and delve into polymers.
High-Quality Materials: The kit includes top-notch materials like glow-in-the-dark powder, fluorescent ink, and lab tools, ensuring safe and effective experiments.
Educational Insights: Children not only have fun but also learn about chemistry principles, such as luminescence and polymers, as they work with glow sticks, fluorescent ink, and even create their own lava lamp.
Detailed Lab Book: A comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions accompanies the kit, helping children gain a deeper understanding of the scientific concepts behind each experiment.
Diverse Range of Experiments: From glowing slime to super glow balls, the Glow Lab offers a variety of captivating experiments that spark curiosity and imagination.
Award-Winning: Recognized as a best-selling and award-winning chemistry set, the Glow Lab ensures quality and educational value.

Unlock the fascinating world of chemistry with the Glow Lab, where kids witness the magic of glowing, oozing, and bouncing creations. This hands-on learning experience combines fun and education, nurturing a love for science and exploration. Whether it’s creating a lava lamp or concocting glowing slime, the Glow Lab offers an array of experiments that will leave children amazed and inspired.


Smart Lab

Smart Lab – Glow In The Dark Lab