How hands-on scientific experiments benefit learning in children

Children are curious learners by nature.  They are always searching for opportunities to explore and learn through practical hands-on experiences.

 Why learning science is important?

Scientific experiments and learning toys help your children to satisfy their internal curiosity and also develop skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking etc., thus boosting their overall cognitive development.

Encouraging hands-on learning with our scientific experimental kits and toys

Hands-on experimental kits such as DNA extraction, Luminescent Chemistry, weather science and 100’s of other wide array of topics can give your child the feel of being in a real laboratory at the comfort of your home with a fun learning experience.


DNA Extraction KitGenetics and DNA Science kit 1 Forensic Science 1

Develop your child’s cognitive and motor skills

We understand the importance of solving problems and arriving at optimal solution. Hence, STEM toys are good for developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

Why to choose Scientific toys/kits for children

Instead of gravitating towards screen for entertainment, our kits and toys gives children a perfect opportunity to engage your kids and to learn while having fun. Doing scientific experiments from an early age sows the seeds for carrying out scientific explorations and choosing STEM based careers in the future.

Benefits are

  • The kits are age- appropriate and safes.
  • All-in-one place. You don’t have to shop for every ingredient/product individually. Thus it is time-saving.
  • Kids can work on multiple skills simultaneously.

At Curiouskidzz, we aim to inculcate the curiosity to explore, observe and question everything, in children. Our products emulate our ideology of making science a fun experience.




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